Saturday, September 29, 2012

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Well it has been a good week. Not perfect, but heading in the right direction and for that I am grateful and proud.

As you know I worked out on Monday and didn't on Tuesday. I got in some good sweat on Wednesday in a Melissa class and Thursday got my ass kicked in a Maura class. Holy sheep shit!! I haven't experienced a Maura class and now I have to keep going back for more!!!! It was hill day and I felt every step and every muscle. It was incredible!!! It was awesome to be so challenged! Not that Amanda and Melissa don't challenge. They do! Oh yes, they do! It's just this was an extra challenge. A good extra challenge. The combination of these gals is amazing!! So glad I get to experience them all!!! On top of all the ass kicking hill training, I of course was plagued with flat tires. Me and flat tires.. what the hell? I got the flat on the Bob fixed. Hooray and thank you Shawn! But I had both Ava and Pax on Thursday, so it was double stroller time and of course the double stroller had to have double flats. Yay for me! Also, I'm finding out how much nicer it is to have a front wheel that swivels. The Bob yes! The double, not so much. Two kids, two flats, no swivel and hills. I think I got my workout.

Friday's exercise wasn't quite so intense. It was actually on the meh side. Ok, it was on the barely there side. Pax had soccer and since he hasn't quite gotten into the spirit of the game, I play along with him. I know, I know.... hear me out. He wasn't having so much fun and spent a good portion of the time crying or sitting in my lap watching the other kids. I was thinking about calling it quits when I talked to some other moms. They said they had very similar experiences with their little ones. Some kids jump in, some need to wade in. One mom told me she played with her son the first several weeks until he showed signs that he was enjoying himself and wanted to go it alone. The coach was completely cool with it and so I'm following in her footsteps. I spent my Friday morning running up and down the hill, around the field and weaving in and out of poles holding Pax's hand and trying to get him to kick the ball. I got a little glisten on my skin, but not what I would deem a good sweat. Waa waa...

Saturday! Hooray!!! I ran! Weee!!! I ran!!! I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about running. It's been weeks since I got in a good solid run. Actually, I think it's been over a month. Come to think of it, if I am recalling correctly, the last good run I had was in Texas. Damn! Maybe that's why I haven't really pushed for it. Maybe that's why I have let the excuse monster win a few battles. I was worried. Worried it would suck. Worried I lost my mojo. Worried I'd be starting all over from scratch. I let fear take the reins. Not good Kimosabe. So this afternoon, after a lovely playdate with some great pals, Pax, Bob and I headed for Sloan's lake. I told myself at the start that if I needed to, I could cut myself a little slack. It has been a while. It's like I was mentally preparing myself for failure. I said if I needed to walk after a mile, then I needed to walk after a mile, but at least get in a mile. I set my Nike ap, power walked down to my starting line and hit "begin workout". Started off a little huffy puffy, but pushed through it. Thank you to Joe Jackson for getting me off on the right rhythmic foot. Mile one came up and I felt great. No need to walk. Keep swimming. Passed my half way marker (the playground on the south side of the lake). Still felt great. Keep swimming. Next thing I know I hear, "Two miles"coming from my iphone. Sweet! I did it!!! At this point I cut myself a small bit of slack and paused my workout. I celebrated by drinking some water and walking maybe a quarter of a mile. I got to the straight away by the beach and "resumed my workout". When I saw my victory hill I knew I was officially back in the saddle. I pushed up that bugger with Wayne Coyne singing, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" This is what I needed!! Mojo has been found!! I crossed my finish line with a smile. 2.44 miles of running. Not a great pace, but that's ok. I put one foot in front of the other and kept going. I did it. I'm back.

I have a new goal. I want to not only reach my size four, but I want to amp up my workouts. I figure I can get 3-4 SS classes in each week and at least 3 runs in each week. No reason not to. No reason I can't. I want to be the best me I can be. This isn't just about looking a certain way. This is about feeling a certain way. Feeling comfortable in my skin. Feeling proud of myself. Feeling healthy. Feeling fit. Feeling good.

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