Thursday, September 6, 2012

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Yay! Back in the swing!

The excuse monster was sucker punching me all morning. Woke up late, Pax didn't want to eat, I had a project, flat tire, tired, grumpy, yada yada... But I pulled a Rocky Balboa. I just wasn't going down. No matter what, I was going to get my workout in! I made it to SS. Late, but made it! And I had a new friend.

Meet Bob. Oh Bob. One of my favorite people, Bri, introduced me to Bob. My life will never be the same. I'd seen Bob around town. Always thought he was a little stuck up. Never knew what the big deal was. Well now I know. Oh Bob. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob. Bob is glorious. He's everything I've ever wanted without knowing that I wanted it. And I so want it. He's strong and sturdy. I feel safe with Bob. And yet he has a soft touch. He's a light weight. He's easy to push around. And boy oh boy, can he run! Plus, he ain't so bad to look at. I feel kind of sassy standing next to him. Yes, I think I'm in love. I love my new Bob Revolution stroller!!!

My dear friend gave me her old single since she now needs a double. It was too generous, but I am eternally grateful. It folds so beautifully in my car and I swear as I was running yesterday I heard bands of cherubs singing hallelujah! This thing is so effortless, I almost feel like I'm cheating. It just goes where I want it to. No fight. No struggle. No cussing. And it's so tall! I ran upright! I was breathing better and my back wasn't killing me. I was even a little faster. Like a 5 year old trying on new shoes, I swear I ran faster! This is the beginning of a beautiful love affair. I could almost make out with this thing I lerf it so much. Thank you Bri!!!!

Of course we played on the playground after our really great workout with Melissa. It was super fun and Pax was super adorable. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and headed home. The day was normal. I love normal. It felt so good to finally have a normal, plain, average day. Aaaaahhhhhh.....

Food was meh. Cheerios for breakfast. Salad for lunch. Chicken, pasta and mixed veg for dinner. Snacked on an Arbonne chew, a carrot and the tiniest bite of fudge. Drank water (one fizzy), one glass of 1% milk and a hot chocolate with my guys before bed.

It's nice to be back. :o)

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