Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Oh the situational poetry of life..

So yesterday was my first day aiding at Pax's preschool. In case ya dunno - Pax attends a cooperative preschool two hours a week on Tuesdays. It's awesome! Since it is a co-op, I have to aid in the classroom one class a month and serve on a committee. So happy to do it! Yesterday was my day. It was awesome!

The bummer was that I couldn't do SS. Ok. I planned for little bear and I to get up early and ride the bike to school. Nope. Rain. That also took out running there and back. Ok, I'll run later. Nope. Running was taken off the table when Pax got bit by an enormous turtle. I thought he broke his little pointer finger! It was mangled and swollen and he wouldn't move it. Yes, I played the part of panicky mommy. A few hours and buckets of tears later, he fell asleep on me. I didn't dare move, and to be honest I kind of didn't want to move. I think we both needed a break.

My next plan of action was to go down to the basement and use my Sworkit ap after Shawn got home from work. Pax woke up, I got laundry going, house all shiny, dinner planned and prepped. This was gonna work. Shawn got home. Hooray! I asked if he would play with Pax upstairs while I worked out downstairs. His response was, "Aw man. Can it wait? Let me get settled and do fix the frog tank first". Ok. I can do that. How about I'll get dinner started and then go downstairs while you kind of help with the sides? "Aw man. Can't you do it after dinner? I've had a long day." Ok. Not the best way to go about this, but sure. I finish dinner. Pax and Shawn are almost finished with dinner. I suggest the two of them playing while I go downstairs. "Aw man. I was hoping to get him in bed early so we could watch The Avengers" (the movie he was super excited to bring home and share with me) Ok. I'll just figure something out... sigh...

It was really nice sharing the movie together. It was a good movie, but what made it great was Shawn.

Today I'll simply double up. Looks like the rain is clearing away. I'll do SS this morning and run this afternoon.

Food was better yesterday. Skipped breakfast. Had a cup of coffee. Lunch, Greek yogurt and granola. Snack, Greek yogurt and granola. Dinner, small piece of chicken, rice and corn. Not enough water and a glass of 1% with dinner.

Here's to today's double up!!!

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