Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apples and oranges

I keep a bowl of apples and oranges on my kitchen counter for two reasons. 1) We love a tasty, juicy, fruity snack. And really who doesn't? 2) To remind me not to compare them.

As a mom I find myself "comparing". I think it's a pretty natural habit. I also think it's a pretty unfair habit.  Gooses and ganders don't always have to have what's good for the other. Being, having, doing something of your own is divine and special and unique. Not being, having, doing something can also be divine and special and unique.

Recently I started watching some little neighborhood kids so I could make a little money and still be home with my guy. That's when the whole comparison thing really hit me. I was thinking things and sometimes even uttering things, competitive things I would have never imagined. Yuck. That is so not me. I started sounding like one of those people I never wanted to become. Argh. Thoughts of sibling rivalry and class bullies and cheerleaders danced in my head. It had to stop. And so it did.

Back in the recesses I can hear peepings of it, but if I go grab a clementine I can generally drown it out. This may be one of those things I have to constantly watch - like my weight and The Daily Show. But maybe an apple a day will not just keep doctors away, but also years of therapy for my son.


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