Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Salty Sticky Messy

Yahoo!!! Today was a salty sticky messy blast! Our little adventure down the path of toddler art was a hoot!

OK, so here's what we tried today...

I cut some contact paper into rectangles and taped it smooth side down/sticky side up on the plastic table cloth. After peeling off the backing, I poured salt all over the sticky side. Then I stripped my boy down, plopped him in the chair and handed him a paint brush. First we used water colors. That was pretty cool. The water gave movement to the salt so the colors sort of crawled across the surface. After a few minutes I added some crayola paint. I just blobbed and dribbled the colors in random spots. It was much thicker and gave a whole different tactile and visual experience. Pax used the brushes and his fingers and loved all the sensations!!! Of course Play Dough had to enter the mix and take it to a whole new level of wahoo! There was some tasting and then some immediate "bbbbllllttthhhzzz" happening. It was pretty hilarious.

Once again he was covered in goop and giggling. What I loved most though, was his concentration. His focus on what he was doing was rather Jedi. The force was strong with this project. Consider it a must try with your wee ones!!!


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