Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let there be mess!!!

So last night we received a "special" gift in the mail!! The actual contents of the package left on my porch are not what's key here. What is key is the stuff that kept the hoo-ha from breaking - Styrofoam peanuts. Oi! They are the bane of my existence... or I should say, were the bane of my existence. No mas! I found a fun and quite hilarious way of taking care of the little buggers.

It use to be that we would get a granny gram and the peanuts would spill out and get everywhere and stick to everything and we'd sweep and sweep and sweep and never get them all up and yada yada yada. We would do everything in our power to keep the little one away from them. There'd be tears and frustration all around. Icky poo poo.

Last night I surrendered. I gave in. I took the ole "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" adage and let loose! Pax and I pulled all the staticy little jack wagons out of the box and had at 'em. I told him to crunch them up and stomp on them and rip them apart and make them as tiny as he could. Boy was he good at this task! We spent a good 45 minutes giggling and destroying. It was a blast!!!! They were all over both of us. In our hair, up our noses, clinging to our pants. We looked like little white mosaics of ourselves.

When the fun was all over and Pax was downing a bottle of milk from laughing so hard, I snuck off and grabbed the vacuum. I revved that puppy up and those pesky pieces of styrofoam torture were sucked to oblivion in no time flat! Gone! All of them!!! Hosah for hoovers! It was the fastest and most fun way to rid our home of packing poop. I highly recommend trying this next time Mr UPS leaves a treasure at your door.


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