Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's the little things!

So, it's been a spell since my last blog. Life got a little hectic. Things to do, colds to conquer. In the mean time, we've still managed to have some fun! During our fun, we made a wonderful discovery. Oh the joys of a plastic spice container!!! Our favorite is a McCormick's Montreal Steak shaker. This thing is mommy's new best friend. Little bear can be occupied with it for fabulously long periods of time and mommy can do a much needed load of laundry.

Two things in particular that seem to keep Pax interested and busy...

1) Pipe cleaners! We take the colorful fuzzy buggers and fit them in the shaker holes - over and over and over again!! He is completely fascinated and it helps with fine motor skills. It's also a great thing to take with us someplace we may need to be a bit more on the quiet side - i.e. church, rehearsals, DMV. Winning!!!

2) Play-Doh! It's like our own home made fun factory! We push the play-doh through the shaker hole to make mini snakes and stuff the container full and then try to get it all out. This one is a major time annihilator!!! He gets so focused and has so much fun I can do the aforementioned laundry and some dishes too! Weeeeee!!!!!!

Thank you plastic spice container gods! It's like our very own manna has fallen from the heavens!

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