Friday, January 22, 2016

Wa Zoo!!!! The San Diego Zoo!!!

So there we were. Mecca. The whole reason for this awesome trip out west. The San Diego Zoo. The holy land for our family. We'd seen pictures, we'd heard stories, we'd read books... and there we stood at the threshold of our heaven. We opened her up and we closed her down. The day was full and fun and we all left happy exhausted.

It was everything we hoped for, dreamt of, imagined and more. It's big, it's lush, it's beautiful. We saw animals we'd been fascinated with but had not seen in person - koalas, pandas, tasmanian devils, jaguar, and a pangolin!!! We saw a pangolin!!!! We love pangolins!!!!

We had some super cool experiences in addition to seeing the fantastic creatures. We met a little koala named Milo, had lunch by a waterfall, ate cotton candy, climbed on everything we could climb, fed grass to gorilla statues, rode a lion statue, felt two of P's most favorite ancient animals; smiledon aka saber tooth tiger & the giant ground sloth, P was eaten by a statue, we rode a tram (P's first time), hung out with a goat, played with a penguin, saw an orangutan with illegal contraband, explored under the ice in the polar region, met a blind secretary bird and marveled at everything we came across.

Since we went in October, the zoo wasn't crowded at all. The weather was nice and we often found ourselves exploring in solitude. We had the whole bird enclosure to ourselves. The staff was beyond friendly and super helpful. They treated us like they were genuinely happy to be there. If I gave ratings this place would score 463gazillion stars. If you get the chance, take the chance and go!

 my lucky number and our anniversary!!

 Tarzan pose

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