Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sea World

Day three was Sea World. It's a big, wet ball of cheesy fun. I think we had more fun here than we thought we would. The cool thing about this place is how hands on it is. Lots of opportunities to stick your hand in and feel or feed something. Totally up P Bear's alley! He fed and touched sharks, rays, cleaner fish, urchins and sea lions. We tried to pet dolphins, but they were a little coy.

The day starts with singing the national anthem and the music doesn't stop there. Giant, swollen crescendos and anthemic melodies with tympani rolls follow you everywhere. It is symphonic hilarity and I want the sound track.

We saw a couple of shows. They were fun, but Pax felt uncomfortable with them and chose not to see anymore after the orca whales. He preferred viewing creatures being natural in their enclosures.

The arctic area is awesome. Most of the enclosures are pretty groovy, complete with a souvenir shop at the end of each exhibit. Unfortunately the tide pools (the main thing he wanted to see) were under construction. He got to experience sea urchins - thank goodness - but no star fish. Funny, turns out sea urchins will hug your finger when you touch them and they leave little red traces on your skin. They're pretty cool creatures. Pax fell in love with them and if it had been up to him, he would've stayed with them the whole day.

If you want to have the park almost to yourself, go mid week in October. It was as if we were attending a special event. So few people, we sat up close during the shows without problem.

Oh! The play area rocks!! Super fun climbing and bouncing stuff for most ages and they have rides. We had a blast on the rides. Makes me super excited about the possibility of Disney in our future!

It was another case of opening and closing the joint. No one can accuse us of being quitters!!!

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