Friday, March 20, 2015

Mythic Creatures

Last night we went to the member's only sneak peek of the new Mythic Creatures exhibit at the Denver Museum of Science & Nature. It was pretty darn cool! Pax really enjoyed it. We saw mythic creatures, felt mythic creatures, played mythic creatures and even made mythic creatures.

At one point we stumbled upon the unicorn. P Bear was frozen in his tracks. He stood there, perfectly still. Daddy and I thought maybe he had to go potty. He said no. Then he grabbed my hand and indicated he wanted to sit. So we did. We sat right there on the floor staring at the unicorn for a few moments. Eventually we got up and enjoyed the rest of the evening. He really enjoyed the puppets and tried every one on for size.

Later that night during our bedtime snuggle session, I asked him if he had fun. He said he did, We talked about our favorite parts and then I asked about the unicorn occurrence. He explained it this way, "I had to take a minute. I started to feel like I was in a story." I understood. We snuggled and I hoped he'd dream of magical things.

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