Thursday, March 19, 2015

Frogs and Stars and Deer Poop

One of my mostest favoritest things about living in Colorful Colorado is access to adventure! There are so many amazing opportunities to explore, grow and learn around here - most of which are free! (My favorite word is free!!)

One of our "go to's" is Lookout Mountain Nature Center. They have these amazing programs year round to encourage little humans - and big humans too - to get out and be amazed at the world around  us. They're fun, informative and the perfect length for tiny attention spans. They're hands on and ears on and eyes on and we love them!

Last week a bunch of P Bear's pals joined us for the Nature Nuts: Sparkling Stars program. It! Was! Awesome! The kids and moms learned a lot and there were some truly groovy activities to really bring the concepts home. My favorite was when all the kids were swirling balls of gas getting tighter and tighter until they formed a star. The star moment was stellar! (See what I did there?) So magical and cool. (I don't want to give their secret away in case they want to repeat the program at some point. So you're just going to have to trust me, it was really cool!) P Bear loved loved loved the black hole obstacle course - so much so he forgot to join in on the crafts! I think everyone had a grand time.

Afterwards we picnic'ed in the snow. We moms enjoyed the conversations. The kids enjoyed finding Big Foots and invisible rattle snakes and real live deer poop. It's a really great place to squeal and run!

 Yes, that is deer poop he is holding!

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