Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hoppy Peepy Spring Fun!

My bestie and I have been threatening to dress our kids up and spend a sunny day taking pictures in her awesome backyard urban farm. Every time we tried to "set it up" the situational poetry of life tapped on us the shoulder and said "uh uh! Not today!".

Yesterday we woke up to beautiful sunshine and a to do list that could be put off till later. So, we put it off till later and had fun. Good thing we did, because today it's snowing and the tulips have probably perished. Waa waa.

On this rather chilly and drizzly snow day, I look back on the sunshine that was yesterday and will be again this weekend. I think spring may be drunk and needs to go home to sleep it off.

*yes, I know 100 plus pictures is a lot. However, it is a drastic improvement from the 1122 pictures I took.

Hoppy spring!

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