Friday, May 16, 2014

Soccer!! Wee!!!

When Pax was a mere two we tried our feet at soccer. While it was adorbs, it was also an exercise in futility. He was far more interested in sitting in mommy's lap than playing. So we halted our participation and tried again when he was three. There again, adorbs but futile. This time he was far more interested in climbing on the tree than playing the game. So one more halt. This morning we try try tried again. Hooray!! Four just might be the magic number! He stayed on the field and with his mates the entire time! He ran, he kicked, he played! It was awesome! He did have a few old man moments where he chose to sit on the ball or trot across the field instead of run, but for the most part he was game for the game!! Here's to tiny successes!!! So proud of him for staying in it! Afterwards we celebrated with a picnic treat and some good old fashioned playground time. Happy days of May!!

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