Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crazy Super Awesome Fun Day!!!!!

Well, not sure there could have been a more perfect event for our family to attend than the one we completely lucked into today!! We not only got to see an amazing performance at the Boetcher Concert Hall with the Colorado Symphony, but it was a Jack Hanna show - with wild animals!!! Oh! But it gets better! Like a trillion zillion times better!!

Let me start at the beginning... One day I got a thing in the mail for the CO Symphony and it said there was this Jack Hanna show coming up. Well, seeing as my P Bear is a mini Jack Hanna in the making, I jumped on the computer and started looking into tickets. It was practically sold out! The only seats were scattered and in neck craning zones. I could't find three together anywhere decent.

Robert Frost once said, "Freedom lies in being bold". So I took a bold step and put it out to the interwebs that I was looking for tickets. I posted on FaceBook and my wonderful Highland Mommies site. Before you know it, I got an email from the most delightful gal saying she might have a connection for me and would look into it. Boy did she have a connection! Boy did she look into it! Her husband grew up two houses down from the Hannas! Serendipity gone wild! This angel of a human not only scored us VIP tickets, but also a meet and greet with Jungle Jack himself. Needless to say, I was so excited I pooped several litters of kittens. For P, of course... Ok... maybe a little for me too. I've been watching him since the Carson days and absolutely lerf him.

Let me tell you, the day did not disappoint! It was one of the most exciting, amazebells days ever! First, the family we went with, the lovely folk who gave us this mind blowing experience, were simply the nicest, grooviest, most I-really-hope-to-be-friends-with peeps. Just adored all three of them!!! Super cute, super sweet, super fun. I want to make them chicken or pie or something. Second, while Mr Hanna was a little over occupied with the circumstances of the show, and we only got to spend a couple of minutes with him, he is everything, I mean EVERYTHING I hoped he would be. Just. The. Nicest. Guy! Seriously! Third, you would not believe the animals we got to pet and hold and squeal about! (Please excuse the pics. They are blurry from giddy movement, adrenaline, low lighting and fast creatures - including the human variety). Here is a list of the critters we met - African Crested Porcupine, Marmoset, Ruffed Lemur, Hissing Cockroach, Eagle Owl, Burmese Python and, wait for it... alligator. Yep. We hung out and pet an alligator. Crazy pants, right? Fourth, one of my bestest pals wound up sharing the same experience through another completely serendipitous set of bizarre circumstances!

We got a little respite after the meet and greet before the show, and I'm glad. The adrenaline raged through us all and time was as blurry as the pics. We needed a small break. Thank goodness for beer. Once our hearts slowed to a normal pace and the sweat dissipated, we made our way into the concert hall and to our ridiculously awesome seats. Just insane.

The show was incredible and if you don't think I cried a little bit getting to share the experience as a family, all three of us together listening to brilliant music and seeing wild animals and Jack Hanna and just the "it"ness of it all, you're crazy. You bet I cried. I cried like a little girl... no... I cried like a mom. I kept thinking about Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his Carl Sagan moment. The one that altered his life. Could this have been that kind of moment for Pax? I don't know. What I do know is, it is a memory I will cherish for as long as I can cherish memories. A million dollar day. Thanks universe.

 *photos of other families not included, as I have not asked for permission yet.

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