Friday, May 16, 2014

Annual Mommy Day Adventure

Several years ago, I was afforded the luxury of a press pass to a wild animal sanctuary. I was a guest of a photographer who was shooting for a publication. We were given free reign of the facility and access to places others were denied. This is where I fell in love. With giraffes. We stumbled upon a small herd and began clicking away. The tall blondes started posing, I kid you not. They would hold still till they heard the "click" and then they would move their long, beautiful necks and hold again till the next "click". It was amazing. They were graceful and funny and sweet and curious. They loved sniffing the camera and us. I loved watching them and getting to know them. I've been a sucker ever since.

A year into my son's life, my second Mother's Day came. Generally speaking, I'm an experience over trinket kind of gal. I'd rather make a memory than unwrap a gift. Knowing this and my adoration of statuesque, spotted lovelies, my dear husband drove us down to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a surprise. Giraffes. Not only do they have a huge family of them, but people are allowed, no, not simply allowed, encouraged to feed them! You can touch them and smell them and get up close and personal to them. You can look into their soulful eyes and fall madly in love. It was the best gift he could have given me.

Needless to say, I have "requested" a pilgrimage down south every year since. This year I got to bring my new best friend!! Mr Fuji!!

And yes... there are way more pics than is probably necessary... but it's giraffes... and Mother's Day... and my family... would you expect any less? Seriously? Have you met me?

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