Friday, July 7, 2017

Science Day!

Today was one of my most favorite days of this summer - so far!!! Science Day!!! Our funtatsic friends had us over for discovery and experiments. It could not have been more awesome!!!

The day started out with Pax making muffins to bring over to share. We then rode the tag-a-long bike to the Keller Family's house where we had to answer scientific riddles in order to gain entry. Once inside the activities began. First off was a learning session all about owls as we snacked on the muffins. Emma read and we all garnered some awesome new facts.

After that we headed over to an elaborately set table full of tools and groovy stuff ripe for exploration. There we sat wide eyed as Debbie handed out little aluminim foil balls with a mystery inside - owl pellets!!! For the next hour or so we dissected and discovered. We found all sorts of interesting things - tibias, ribs, pelvises, whiskers, mandibles and skulls!!! Thanks to a sheet of paper, we believe we found a couple of voles and a mole. It! Was! Awesome!!!

Next up was a little owl snack and on to velocity, gravity and centrifugal force. The kiddos got to wacth a little "vintage" video about making rollercoasters as they created groovy marble run structures adding sliced pool noodle extensions. It was hard to get them away from all that fun, but eventually we moved on to chemical reactions.

First chemical mixture was more fun than a bowl of crazy, sticky worm spaghetti! We made slime using glue, shaving cream and liquid starch with some splashes of food coloring. Part of the fun was trying to figure out what mixture worked best. It was a hoot!

After that we made baking soda\vinegar volcanos in the backyard!!! Wee!!! Of course the volcanos had to have dinosaurs and trucks on them. I think this was Hank's favorite. I also think we may be investing in giant boxes and bottles of certain substances soon. Super fun thing to do in the dirt.

Then the kiddos made aluminum foil boats to see how many pebbles they could hold while Debbie read a cute story about a toy boat. There was a variety of boat styles created. I was super impressed with both of Pax's attempts. His second one worked best. To be honest, it was wonderful to see his wonder and determination all day long. He tackled each project methodically and with great curiosity. Man, I love that kid.

The big finale was explosively radical. Enter Mentos and soda!!!! Four different varieties were used so we could determine which spewed the most liquid into the air. And ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to announce Rootbeer won!!!

Overall, this was a super awesome groovy fun day and we are sooooooo lucky to call these incredible humans our friends!!! Love them so!!!! Here's to many, many "days" together!!!

Pax trying to sneak up on a chickadee


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