Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Independence!

We had such a happy 4th of July and hope you did too! It was spent at our favorite place to watch things explode in the sky with some of our favorite friends!! Of course we had to start the festivities off with a trip to the fireworks store the night before to get some things that pop and snap and sparkle and maybe a couple of things that poop!!! No way we could wait till the 4th, so we may or may not have lit a few illegal boom booms in the street on the 3rd and I will certainly neither confirm nor deny we finished the celebration off with more not so legal bang bangs in the street before bedtime. Sssshhhhh!!!!

Unfortunately, my editing program is all wonky, so none of these are edited... :o(
But at least you get to see some of the fun we had!

Stay happy!

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