Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some Good Vitamins

Spring Break 2017 was turning out to be quite the turd. Pax had croup! I had no idea a 6 almost 7 year old could get croup, but alas...

So after a bunch of medicine and steam and kleenex and Netflix and chicken soup and rest, little bear started to feel human again. We missed all the fun shennaigans we had planned with pals and all the little mommy and me fun too, so on this somewhat sunny Thursday we headed west to one of our favorite spots - Lair O' The Bear. P's little friend Jack came along for the adventure. They climbed every tree they could get to, jumped on every rock in the stream, wrote their initials in the dirt and Kratt brothered it up all over the place! They even found some super cool signs of nearby beavers. Check out that tree!!!

These were just the dose of vitamins he needed!!!

Vitamin D - good old fashion sunshine
Vitamin N - time spent playing in the woods and on the river banks
Vitamin J - hang time with his buddy Jack 
Vitamin IC - Sweet Cow ice cream cone

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