Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's always a good day at the zoo

Today Pax and I decided to say the heck with school and went to the zoo instead. Could not be happier about that decision. We had a spectacualr day.

The day was spent walking hand in hand at our own pace. We read all the signs, stopped to play anytime we felt like it, took our time at exhibits that held our interest and wound up having some very special moments. We "chatted" with a red crowned crane, played peek-a-boo with a pair of golden toppped tamarins, giggled at a pair of playing poalr bears, watched the elephant show, saw the sloth being fed and got super friendly with a baby gorilla. The baby gorilla part was probably the most awesome experience ever. He really engaged with Pax through the glass!!! And he was so adorable I thought we would burst! And of course, my pal the bear didn't disappoint! Every time I take his pic, he does something awesome!!!

There were tons of babies!!! We saw Dobby, the new baby giraffe, Cody the new baby zebra, Tamale the new baby Cape Buffalo and of course Whimsie Adepa the baby gorilla. Miso Chi, the new baby fishing cat was hiding today, but we did get to experience The Edge (the new tiger exhibit). In addition, we got to check out a preview of a special installation coming soon - animatronic dinosaurs!!! Grrrrrooowwwwwllll!!!!

All in all, it was a great time spent with my best pal. Man, I love that kid.

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