Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mountains, sunshine & playfellows

What an incredible way to spend the day! In the mountains with good, good friends. It simply does not get better than that.

This morning we took a little Nature Nuts class at the Lookout Mountain Nature Center. It's a free program open to preschoolers a few times a month. It's awesome and some of our mostest favoritest pals joined us in the adventure.

After the great learnin' session, we all headed out in the sunshine to picnic and play. The highlights were deer so close we could almost touch them followed by a massive dried deer poop hunt, running down the hill super fast and then walking back up the hill super slow, some solid belly laughs and two cars full of tuckered kidlets for the drive home. There were songs shared, rocks climbed, and sunshine soaked. Overall, one spectacular handful of hours. It was the kind of day I will look back on and want to offer a million dollars to return to. These are friends. The true kind.

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