Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Momlympics

So there are moments when I truly feel like I'm competing in the Momlympics. You know, those times when everyone is trying to measure up and go for gold out mommying each other.

Two things I've learned:

1) Most scoring events involve wine.

2) The stiffest competition is in the preschool set.

Last year as I was training for the mamathon, I tripped over a major obstacle and was nearly taken out of the games. Valentine's Day. Now I had aced Halloween Party and scored pretty well at Christmas, but as I rounded the bend to February I was not prepared for the extreme sport on the 14th. I figured, "Hey, it's just some silly day with a couple of cupids and hearts. Be mine? No big deal." Well I was wrong, dead wrong. PBear and I entered the preschool stadium with little store bought paper "Madagascar" valentines. I thought we had a leg up because they included stickers. Little did I know we would be staring down the likes of homemade heart crayons and dinosoaps attached to adorable personalized card stock. It was like strapping a pair of skates onto my husband and pushing him out to compete with Evgeni Plushenko. Needless to say, we did not bring home the gold.

Well this year is going to be different. Much like a 1980 Lake Placid Hockey type come back, I will be in the mix with my game face on. I've got this. I've trained hard. I've "pinned" my fingers to the bone and think I've come up with a winning routine. Of course, no win is achieved without a good team. The P was quite inspirational and pushed me to be my best.

So here they are. This year's Valentines. The combined scores in both categories of ease of creation and cost effectiveness have nearly guaranteed a gold - at least in my home. Hope you like them.

Open a program on your computer, I used Pages on my Mac
Play around with fonts and colors until your husband comes down and drags you to bed
Print them out on card stock with 4 on a page, then cut out 4 cards
Use a hole punch (Kiwi crate gave us a good one!) and punch 2 holes on each card
Buy plastic fellas from the dollar store (8 animals per bag) I bought 2 bags - 2.00 total!
Get some yarn while you're at The Dollar General & cut into 6" ish lengths
String the yarn through the hole punches and tie the plastic fellas on

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