Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Big Disney Birthday Surprise!!

Hi gang!!!

I know a boatload of you are curious about how the "big reveal" went down. Well, let me tell ya...
it was awesome!

For about a year we've been planning this moment. Shawn and I decided to start a little family joke; Anytime we had to go do something, like school or dentist appointments, we would say "let's just go to Disney World instead". It became pretty routine around our house, so it played well with the surprise.

We had P Bear firmly convinced that mommy & daddy had a meeting at his school on Monday morning and had to be there early. We got dressed, had breakfast and everything was pretty normal. We headed out with backapack and lunchbox in tow. All buckled in the car, we headed on over to the parking lot by his school and this happened...

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