Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our Christmas Letter

Happy Happiness!!                                                                                                                                                          December 2016

Well, here we are again. It’s Christmas time! We hope your year has been spent laughing and loving and living life to it’s fullest! It’s been a wonderful time in our neck of the woods. Lot’s of fun and interesting things happening all around!

This year our family had some funtastic adventures!!! We started the summer off with a bang, driving the Tortuga (our pop-up camper) to Shawn’s family reunion in Missouri. Along the way we created some great memories, floating down the Meramec River and exploring Onondaga Cave with Pax’s Grandma, Mamaw, Uncle Shane,  awesome cousins, and our longtime friends the Herren family. Ask Pax about the skunks in the campground and you’ll be in for a good laugh! After that we visited with Grandpa Bob & Nana Petie who took us on a tour of the amazing Bonne Terre Mine. It was wonderful to see our friends and family in Kansas and Missouri.

Later in July we headed down to Red River, NM to celebrate the twins’ (my mom & Aunt Lou) big 75th birthday bash. Horseback riding, four wheeling, silly games and shenanigans made for some more wonderful time spent with family. Of course our summer wouldn’t be complete without a Frog Friends group camping trip to Turquoise Lake in July. In August we enjoyed our end of summer traditional camp out near Steamboat Springs – venturing to Utah for a super groovy trek through Dinosaur National Monument! That place is cool!

Baby boy isn’t a baby anymore. He’s a sweet, loveable six-year old, full of curiosity and giggles. He finished Kindergarten in the spring and we were completely blown away by what he accomplished. His Celebration of Learning Night was one of the proudest moments we have experienced. He is reading at a second grade level and is rapidly on his way to a 3rd grade level. This year Pax learned how to swim and lost his first tooth. He played T-ball and soccer at the local rec center and attended SPREE camp on the Platte River. Animals and nature remain his biggest passions, so it was quite the thrill when he got to meet his heroes Chris & Martin Kratt  (aka The Wild Kratts) after seeing their live show in Denver.  The guys were incredibly kind and made Pax and all the other kids feel so important and special. It was a truly magical experience!!

While Shawn enjoys going to work at NREL and all is going well there, he is exceptional at being a dad. His concern and care for Pax shows in absolutely everything he does. It even shows in his beard! He says each grey hair is a step closer to his Santa Beard and he earns them by doing something in the Christmas spirit. Shawn puts in the time and the love to truly deserve the title “Daddy”. He’s there for every T-ball and soccer game, Student Led Conference, first day of school and all the other big moments. But he’s also there for the tiny moments - building LEGO trains, walking in the woods, sitting in the sunshine and wrestling on the couch. The two of them are like a pair of peas in a snuggly pod.

My year has been productive. I’ve been casting up a storm as well as working in other areas of production. I cast extras and day players for three films this year. A movie I’m in, Heaven Sent is playing on Lifetime Channel for the holidays. It’s a sweet little piece I’m proud to be a part of. We went as a family to the premier and I think Shawn enjoyed meeting director Michael Landon Jr and Pax was kind of smitten with the star Mallory Mahoney. I’m lucky my career allows plenty of time to focus on Pax and his education. At his school, I’m serving as the Expedition and Adventure Coordinator for the PTA, so I keep pretty busy. But all that aside, my favorite thing is momming. Who’d a thunk I could ever love a tiny human as much as I love my Pax Bear? He is the best thing to ever happen in my life. Thanks universe!!!

I apologize for not getting a card out to everyone last year. It was a stressful time as I was gearing up for a major surgery in January. All is well now and back on track! If you ever feel like checking to see what antics we’re up to, you can check out our silliness on my blog

As an early Christmas gift, Shawn brought home a digital piano and we are all learning how to play!! In the New Year, we are vowing to read more books, make more music and be ever present in our lives. We wish the same for you all! We hope your days are merry and bright and 2017 is a shiny, happy year of peace, love and joy!!

Stay happy! 

Shauna, Shawn, Pax, Roxxy Kitty, Mr Cute & Cuddly Hamster and the Fish Tank Gang

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