Sunday, June 26, 2016

Adventure Sunday!! Staunton State Park

It's summer and that means one thing, spontaneous adventure time!! Today we trekked to Staunton State Park for Marmot Fest 2016!! It! Was! Awesome!

First of all, this state park is exquisite! It is a gorgeous chunk of land that a family donated to Colorado three years ago to become their family legacy. And what a glorious legacy it is. I highly encourage a visit.

Second, marmots!! Generally marmots are not seen at this low of an elevation, but you can see them here! So much so, they have Marmot fest! A super groovy awesome fun celebration of the little yellow bellied critters. No, they aren't lily-livered, they literally have yellow bellies. There were so many adorable activities for kids, families and doggies! Pax got to make a marmuppet, dance with a marmot, make a marmot mask, color a T-shirt iron on, crawl around in a marmot den, feel all sorts of critter hides, go on a scavenger hunt, win a prize and get his picture taken with park rangers! On top of all of that, we enjoyed a breathtakingly beautiful 3 mile round trip hike up to see Raymond, a funny little furry fellow who likes to hang out on the roof of a cabin and people watch. The volunteers were fantastic, informative and kind. The day was simply magnificent. 

Can't wait for Marmot Fest 2017!!! 

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