Friday, May 20, 2016

Flight of the Butterflies

Pax's kindergarten crew have been studying insects and becoming great junior entomologists all year. A major part of their study was the 2,500 mile migration of monarchs from Canada to Mexico. As they learned about the monarchs, they also learned about the plight of the monarchs and how their migration is considered a "threatened phenomenon". These amazing kids decided to do something about it.

With the help of parents (Manny's dad especially) and Denver Parks and Recreation, the kids were able to grow, dig and plant milkweed along with other monarch supporting plant species on the east end of Rocky Mountain Lake Park. They made signs, marched over to the park from school and worked hard to create a safe haven for migrating monarchs. Afterwards they picnicked, played and explored.

While this effort will help countless pollinators, I believe it was a group of kids who spread their wings today. They flew across the horizons of learning and exploration!! Hooray for Expeditionary Learning!!

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