Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Slow Day at the Zoo

Yesterday little bear rode the vomit comet all over a movie theatre as well as the car ride home and then some. This morning he was feeling better and since I had promised him a trip to the zoo all week, we went.

We walked slowly and saw only a small handful of select animals. Primarily we were there to see the aye aye (no matter how long it took) and to settle a bet of whether or not we have a green anaconda in our zoo. A bet which I won, by the way.

We didn't take many pics because most of our day was spent in the dark, nocturnal enclosure of the aforementioned and elusive aye aye. No idea how long we were in there. All I know is our eyes fully adjusted and we saw him better than we've ever seen him. He put on a show! It was awesome and Pax was one happy future zoologist!!

Other than that we strolled hand in hand and chatted. It made me miss our pre-kindergarten days of freedom and long for the upcoming and rather agenda-less summer.

Here's to taking it slow...

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