Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Crew Party!!

Ok, so I've been posting lots of groovy things Pax's new school does and how awesome everything is. Well, it just keeps getting more and more awesomer!! This week we had a big class Halloween party followed by a school wide costume parade and then followed by a super fun Pumpkin Eve fundraiser!! The pics I'm posting in this one is just from the class and class party. It was a super groovy dance party complete with disco balls!!! Every one boogied after getting some good yummies in their tummies. We had tons of cute crafts for the kiddos to do too  - q-tip skeletons, paint your own pumpkins, color haunted houses, foam character frames, etc. The families and kidlets in this class continue to blow me away with just how stinking amazing they all are! Everyone pitched in how they could and we all had a blast!!! Thanks fearless leader Susan and thanks parents and grandparents for making the day spooktacular!!!

(by the way, I didn't take the time to edit these, so they are not the best pics ever. Just sharing the fun!)

Starting the day, walking to school like a Frankenstein

We always begin class with the most fantastic idea - books and breakfast!! {parents stay and read with kids for the first 30 minutes of school. There is free breakfast provided to ensure everyone starts off with some nutrition. Every school should do this every day!!!

And now the party begins!!!

He took off Frankenstein and became Steve Jobs

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