Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our First Grand Expedition!

We love Pax's new school! Mostly, we love his new teacher and his whole entire crew!!! He's going to an Expeditionary Learning School - which is based on a lot of the principals of Outward Bound. Part of the curriculum is to learn through experience and field work. His brave and enthusiastic teacher took the crew out for a major field work expedition to search for bugs and experience team work and camaraderie. Boy oh boy did we find bugs!! The big surprise of the day was stumbling on praying mantis! Big ones too!

After exploring through the tall grass, we headed to the beach to get wet and dirty and feel the earth in our hands. The kids engaged with each other as though they had known one another for years. (remind you, this was the second week of school. Most of these kids had just met) They built together, dug together and laughed together. It was incredible and as a parent, I feel so fortunate to know this is my guy's introduction to a lifetime of curiosity and accomplishment.

We're all looking forward to the next outing!!!

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