Monday, August 11, 2014

Spontaneous Adventure Sunday

One of my all time favorite things to do with my guys is Spontaneous Adventure Sunday. We'll wake up and just decide to pack some gear and snacks, pile into our own "Createrra" and head out to find a road less traveled. Seeing as we still haven't earned our wild animal badge for the canoe, the main goal was creature finding. Shawn had heard about some beaver lodges just off highway 119, so that was the direction we headed. It was a grey and sort of drizzly day, but that didn't dampen our fun. Our little Kratt Kid was in his Creature Power suit and we were off to explore!!

It's amazing what you see when you stop to look around. We found some great beavers lodges. Most had been abandoned as it seems like the main damn had been washed out by a major storm. We found  stumps of felled trees and signs of the big beautiful rodents all around, but no fuzzy fellers were to be found. We did however discover gold flecks in the stream and some groovy abandoned buildings and machinery. We chose to imagine the tenants struck gold and fled to live a richer life.

After several non beaver producing beaver stop and searches, we decided to move forward and explore Golden Gate Canyon. As we tend to do, we saw many roads and turned down them to see what we could see. We wound up in historic Central City surrounded by echoes of the past, including several old west cemeteries. The rain added to the mystery and mood.

Traveling on, we found our way to Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Snowshoe Hare Trail and Dude's Fishing Hole. We hiked, we explored, we climbed, we looked over the world. It was incredible. There was rumor of a moose spotting in the area a few days ago, but unfortunately no moose were spotted by us. While our senses were soaked in all sorts of wonder, the only animal encounter was with a chubby little chipmunk.

The day was wonderful and not a complete creature loss. On the road we saw a pair of doe and some wild turkeys. Even though moose, beaver and raccoons have eluded us all summer, we still travel on living free and in the wild!!

Hooray for living in Colorful Colorado!!

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